[EYENLIP] Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil 150ml


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[EYENLIP] Calamansi Vita Cleansing Oil 150ml


1. Gives vitality to dull and lifeless skin, Creates skin that you can be proud of.
2. 7 patented Anti-inflammatory and immune response modulating capable extracts
(Green tea, cinnabar, licorice, chamomile, vinegar, rosemary, and golden) People with sensitive skin can feel free to use on their skin.
3. Abundent in 3 types of Vitamins!
4. Ceruleanthus cherry flower extract, Alba waterlily flower extract, Matricaria extract. It moisturizes dry skin and maintains moisture balance.
5. Feel free from skin tightening Green tea seed oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, peanut oil. Keeps your dry skin hydrated and moisturized.


How to use
1. Pump an appropriate amount of cleansing oil to the dry, palm of your hand.
2. Massage all over the face to remove the makeup.
3. Take a bit of water so that oil becomes milky color. (Emulsification process.)
4. Rinse with warm water. (do a 2nd cleanse with foam cleansing, etc)
Tip. on areas with thicker makeup or blackhead problems rub a bit harder.


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