[FABYOU] Botanical Healing Mask 23ml * 1pcs 5 Type




[FABYOU] Botanical Healing 5 Type Mask 23ml * 1pcs


*AC-Anti 13
It is a premium AC mask pack that provides nutrition to the skin, 13 kinds
of skin calming complex provides vitality and comforts the skin.

It is a premium collagen mask pack that balances moisture and makes skin healthy,
collagen gives vitality to the skin.

*Pep-plex 8
It is a premium peptide mask pack that gives vitality to dry skin with 8
kinds of peptide ingredients to make firm skin.

This premium Pore mask pack is excellent in calming skin because
it contains effective extracts on sensitive skin, and provides vitality and makes skin soft.

*Vita-plex 13
It is a premium vitamin mask pack that gives skin vitality through calming and
moisturizing the skin with 13 kinds of vitamins and madecassoside.

Color Option
#AC-Anti 13
#Pep-plex 8
#Vita-plex 13

23ml * 1pcs

How to use
After cleansing, put mask sheet on face. After 15 ~ 20 minutes,
remove the mask sheet and tap your skin so remaining
essence will be absorbed.


Additional information


AC-Anti 13, Collagen-Pep, Pep-plex 8, Pore-clear, Vita-plex 13


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